BONA VIA Foundation

Vision, Mission, Goal

What drives and guides us

Intelligence knows no poverty

They were born into the poorest of circumstances, have lived, for example, on garbage dumps,
railroad embankments and on the streets. But they are very intelligent, have many important skills
that they need for a successful life - only the financial means are missing.

Our VISION 2050

All segments of the country's population participate in key decision-making processes. Governments
with poorly educated slums are part of an ever-shrinking minority.

Our Mission

BVF finances university scholarships at state universities in the Philippines. This is done in close
cooperation with Sisters of Mary Philippines (SOM), Father Al's Children Foundation, Inc. Manila
(FACFI) and the “Schwestern Maria” in Ettlingen/Germany. Particularly successful graduates from
Girlstown in Biga/Silang are given the opportunity to apply for university studies of their choice.
Wide-ranging, needs-based support programs during their studies are designed to enable them to
take on socially relevant leadership roles at a later stage.


Our goal

A three-digit number of especially qualified Girlstown graduates will be given the opportunity to
study in the Philippines and will be accompanied on this path.
The number of graduates supported is to be multiplied through endowments and scholarships to be
raised. We want to help young women in the Philippines to take on leadership roles in business,
science and politics. A dream that can become reality with a university degree.

Our Logo

Admittedly, our logo starts off a little bumpy! "Bona" sounds good at first, referring to the high
quality of the young people BVF serves. However, they all started their lives at the very bottom of the
poverty scale. After this rocky start, however, things went surprisingly well for them: it was
consecrated sisters who carefully selected them, provided them with a second home and made dual
training possible. The young women not only have their high school diploma in their pockets, but also
an apprenticeship! Above all, they have the skills, the will and the ambition to go on to university.
BVF wants to accompany them on this path!